Monday, November 23, 2015

"Let Library Show You How Much Fun Wreaths Can Be" | @ Your Library Article

Wreaths are a most popular decoration in the fall and for the holidays.  However, the beauty and fragrance of wreaths can fill a home wonderfully at any time of the year.  Wreaths can be as simple as some fir boughs wired together or as elaborate as a chandelier created from Christmas lights, greenery, flowers, ornaments, and pendants.  Your Abilene Public Library has some how-to resources if you'd like to give it a try.

In Taylor Hagerty's Wreaths from the Make it In Minutes series, ideas for wreaths made of all types of items abound.  Some of them aren't even round!  There are wreaths of netting and seashells, jewelry, feathers, and even board game pieces.  Filled with instructions for making all types of non-traditional wreaths, there is also a section on the tools that will be needed.  The list includes several different adhesives, tapes, and wires as well as glitter, ribbon, and silk flowers.

For some innovative wreaths, take a look at Wreaths for Every Season by June Apel and Chalice Bruce.  There are sections in this title on choosing a base and selecting flowers, basic tools and techniques, and bow making.  Another section provides ideas and examples for wreath makeovers as well.  Apel and Bruce also include some great gift wreaths including lace-wrapped keepsake wreath with picture frames and mementos and a terracotta pot topper that would make a  unique gift for the gardener in your family.

Winding up this wonderful title are instructions for several seasonal wreaths.  For Spring, the wreath features woven ribbons that suggest an Easter basket.  An edible cornucopia wreath that can be used as a centerpiece or cake stand accent is great for Thanksgiving.  Finally, the let-it-snow chandelier wreath (complete with sparkling light strings) will throw some light on your Christmas celebrations.

Chris Rankin's The Complete Book of Wreaths includes an extensive section on wreath making basics incorporating bases, tools, and materials and some safety tips.  Each of the 200 wreath designs has a gorgeous, full color photo of the finished design.  This title will be better for a more experienced wreath maker as it lacks step-by-step instructions.

If you prefer an online resource, try Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center in the E-Resources Do-It-Yourself section on our webpage.  This database is available anytime and anywhere you have access to the Internet, as long as you know your library card number.  A simple search for 'wreaths' brings up more than two thousand results for wreaths of all kinds, made from all sorts of materials.  Step-by-step instructions make it easy, even for the inexperienced crafter.

Try a new hobby this year and utilize materials from the backyard or garden.  Learn a craft that will enhance your home decor and unleash your artistic spirit.  Your Abilene Public Library can help by providing "get you started" resources with ideas and techniques to wreathe your home with beauty.

Article Contributed by Marie Skufca, Information Services Librarian at the Main Branch of the Abilene Public Library

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