Monday, November 2, 2015

"South Branch Library Offers Literacy Kits for Families" | @ the Library Article

Literacy Kits @ Your Library
The Abilene Public Library is pleased to present Literacy Kits, a new collection available exclusively at the South Branch Library, funded by a collections enhancement grant from the Texas Book Festival.  These kits are focused on literacy development, benefiting children and their families who utilize the kits by encouraging family participation to promote learning and reading.  Literacy is fundamental for learning in school and is the foundation for succeeding in life.

What are Literacy Kits?  Literacy Kits are leveled from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  Simply choose the kit closest to the child's grade, interest, or skill level.  Kits are listed in volumes, but need not be checked out in order as no two kits are the same.  Read the books and complete the activities together.  Each Literacy Kit contains two to four books with their accompanying audio CDs so children are able to read, listen, and follow along.  Kits also include a variety of literacy activities featuring: A Literacy Workbook in dry-erase pages, educational materials like flash cards, and additional materials like foam letters and number sets.  Dry-erase crayons and markers are included as well.  Practice pages contained in a brightly colored folder accompany all kits for children to keep.

Backpack-Style Kits
How does it work?  Adults may have one Literacy Kit checked out at a time for three weeks.  Kits can't be renewed and must be checked out and returned in person at the South Branch Library.  Please fill out the short survey provided and return it along with the kit.  As kits are intended and designed for parent/child interaction, we request that all activities be supervised by a parent or caregiver.  All items, excluding the practice pages, must be returned in good condition.  Individual charges may be assessed for lost, missing, or damaged items or materials.

Why should I check one out?  Literacy is so much more than simply being able to read and write.  When children are offered meaningful ways to use language and literacy, they are motivated to become readers and writers while learning about the functions of written and spoken language.  Research shows that children who are strong readers have much greater academic success in school.

Parents and caregivers can help a child's acquisition and mastery of literacy skills by checking out a Literacy Kit and taking the time to read together every day, sharing the fun and excitement that reading can provide.  Show children by example that reading and learning can happen anywhere - not just at school.

Get Your Lit-Kit
The Abilene Public Library is grateful to the Texas Book Festival for the opportunity to provide this resource to the community of Abilene.  Come by the South Branch Library on S. 14th to browse the collection, pick up an informational brochure at any Abilene Public Library branch, perform a title search using 'litkit' in the library's catalog for a detailed description, or contact Alyssa Crow at the South Branch Library at 325-698-7565 for more information.  Check out a Literacy Kit from your South Branch Library today!

Article Contributed by Alyssa Crow, Children's Librarian at the South Branch of the Abilene Public Library

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