Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Minecraft Mania Headed to APL

Your Abilene Public Library is all about encouraging creative digital connections in youth and teens, and we're expanding on that in March as we dive into the world of Minecraft.  Teens won't want to miss our first-ever gaming session on Tuesday, March 8 starting at 3:30PM.  Gamers, both beginners and skilled players, will be able to unite for digital gaming fun.

What is Minecraft?  It's an acclaimed game that's been popular since its release in 2011, and over the past couple years, gaming sessions have been thriving at public libraries to meet the demand of its legion of followers.  Minecraft is unique in that it allows gamers to build structures and environments using textured cubes.  Then users can interact with one another in these virtual worlds through different gaming modes including exploring, gathering, survival, combat, and more.

At the library's inaugural program, we'll provide teens with access to our mobile lab where we'll offer gaming to teen participants in 30-minute increments.  Library staff will be on hand to help orient gamers to the Minecraft world as well as cheer on more experienced gamers.  As we will have a limited number of laptops, those not playing will have the chance to make some Minecraft-inspired crafts.

We welcome all teens to come and try out this new form of gaming, and we're aiming to host even more sessions across all library locations in the future.  Don't miss the first gaming session at your Main Library on Tuesday, March 8 at 3:30PM. 

For more information about Minecraft, visit their Official Website.

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