Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teens Invited Out 'After Hours' for Library Fun

Teen programming is continuing to expand at your Abilene Public Library through movie nights, craft workshops, book clubs, gaming sessions, and so much more.  Plus, we aim to continue to expand what we offer as we get into the summer reading clubs, as well as open a new location inside the Mall of Abilene.

One of the more exciting teen events we offer are after hours programming.  That's right.  On certain nights, the library will host activities for teens, inside the library, after the doors have closed to the public.  They're the only group receiving this specialized type of programming, and it's proven to be popular.

Currently, the South Branch Library hosts a Teen Flix After Hours movie night on the third Friday evenings of each month at 5:45PM.  Guests have until the library closes at 6:00PM to arrive, and once we've closed, we'll lock the doors for fun and enjoy movies, socializing, snacks, and more.  Never fear, teens are supervised by library staff the entire evening.  An average of 15-20 teens participate each month and it's fun to be able to stay after hours when others don't get to.

The after hours programming won't stop there.  The Main Library will kick off its Teen Scene After Hours events this month, with additional sessions being hosted several times throughout the rest of the year.  The first event will run on Wednesday, March 16 @ 6:00PM.  This event will be a Splatter Paint Party where teens are encouraged to come out in some old clothes and get messy with some painting fun.  Teens can be dropped off at 5:45PM, the doors will lock at closing time (so don't be late), and then rides can return for pickup no later than 8:00PM.

If you haven't checked out our After Hours programming for teens, we encourage you to attend our upcoming programs this month.  They're great fun, require no registration or fees, and parents, it can also free up a little time for you to have a date night, "me time," or "couple time" while your teens are engaged in activities at the library.  Pretty awesome.

If you have any questions regarding the After Hours events at your library, contact me (Tremain Jackson) at 325-698-7565 or Kelsie Wade at 325-676-6067.  We hope to see you after dark this month!

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