Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Today's Top Book & DVD Releases

Everyone loves staying on top of the latest in books & DVDs and we receive them on a regular basis at your library.  Join us as we hit the highlights of some of the more popular titles being released toda.

In the Heart of the Sea
Starring: Chris Hemsworth
Summary: Ron Howard helms this adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick's historical novel about the harrowing high-seas encounter that inspired Herman Melville's "Moby Dick."  In the winter of 1820, the crew of the New England whaling ship the Essex struggle to survive after an attack by a rogue sperm whale leaves them stranded at sea for 90 days. 

Victor Frankenstein
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe
Summary: This reimagining of the Frankenstein mythos focuses on Igor, the assistant of Victor Frankenstein.  When the mad scientist builds an undead creature that soon becomes a grave danger, it's up to Igor to save Frankenstein from both the monster and himself. 

The Peanuts Movie
Starring: Steve Martino
Summary: The delightfully hilarious gang returns after 35 years for their silver screen debut.  Join Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and friends on a new epic adventure while Snoopy tracks down his nemesis, the Red Baron.  Charles M. Schulz's iconic characters are brought to life in state of the art 3D animation from Blue Sky Studios, the creators of the Ice Age films. 

The Steel Kiss (Lincoln Rhyme Series #12)
Author: Jeffery Deaver
Summary: Amelia Sachs is hot on the trail of a killer.  She's chasing him through a department store in Brooklyn when an escalator malfunctions.  The stairs give way, with one man horribly mangled by the gears.  Sachs is forced to let her quarry escape as she jumps in to try to help save the victim.  She and famed forensic detective Lincoln Rhyme soon learn, however, that the incident may not have been an accident at all, but the first in a series of intentional attacks.  They find themselves up against one of their most formidable opponents ever: a brilliant killer who turns common products into murder weapons.  As the body count threatens to grow, Sachs and Rhyme must race against the clock to unmask his identity - and discover his mission - before more people die. 

Off the Grid (Joe Picket Series #16)
Author: C.J. Box
Summary: Nate is off the grid, recuperating from wounds and trying to deal with past crimes, when he is suddenly surrounded by a small team of elite professional special operators.  They're not there to threaten him, but to make a deal.  They need help destroying a domestic terror cell in Wyoming's Red Desert, and in return they'll make Nate's criminal report disappear.  But they are not what they seem, as Nate's friend Joe Pickett discovers.  They have a much different plan in mind, and it just may be something that takes them all down - including Nate and Joe. 

Fire Touched (Mercy Thompson Series #9)
Author: Patricia Briggs
Summary: Tensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head.  And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam, are called upon to stop a rampaging troll, they find themselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out-and-out war: a human child stolen long ago by the fae.  Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost.  But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched. 

Clawback (Ali Reynolds Series #11)
Author: J.A. Jance
Summary: Ali faces her most controversial mystery yet, solving the murder of a man whose Ponzi scheme bankrupted hundreds of people, and then left them seeking justice...or revenge.  When Ali's parents lose their life savings too, her father goes to confront his long-time friend and financial advisor, only to stumble into the scene of a bloody double homicide.  With her father suddenly a prime suspect, Ali and her husband work to clear her father's name, while at the same time seeking justice for her parents as well as the scheme's other suddenly impoverished victims, one of whom is a stone cold killer. 

Lady Midnight (Dark Artifices Series #1)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Summary: The Shadowhunters of LA star in the first novel in Clare's newest series, a sequel to the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series.  It's been five years since the events of the City of Heavenly Fire that brought eh Shadowhunters to the brink of oblivion.  Emma is no longer a child in mourning, but a young woman bent on discovering what killed her parents and avenging her losses. Together with her parabatai Julian Blackthorn, Emma must learn to trust her head and her heart as she investigates a demonic plot that stretches across L.A. from the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica.  If only her heart didn't lead her in treacherous directions.  Making things even more complicated, Julian's brother Mark - who was captured by the faeries five years ago - has been returned as a bargaining chip.  The faeries are desperate to find out who is murdering their kind - and they need the Shadowhunters' help to do it.

Look for these titles at your Abilene Public Library and get yourselves on the reserve lists so you're certain to keep up with the popular releases for the week.

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