Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hoopla Offering Kid-Friendly Portal

We've been excited to offer the Hoopla Digital service at your Abilene Public Library, connecting patrons with FREE movies, music albums, audiobooks, comics, and more 24/7.  Offering a streaming collection of materials that are always available, there's always something great you can find by perusing the digital catalog.

Continuing to offer advancements to its digital platform, Hoopla now offers a KIDS MODE under the settings option so you'll see collections aimed at kids & families.  It's basically done the legwork for you and will present a new digital environment aimed directly at youth.  As stated by the Hoopla Team,

"Our hope is that Hoopla Kids Mode will become a hoopla happy place for everybody!
  • Kids will be happy because they can easily find, follow, and enjoy their favorite characters, stories, and songs.
  • Moms and Dads will be happy because they can feel confident letting kids explore and discover on their own.
  • You'll be happy, too, because titles can be easily sorted and selected form our many formats for storytimes, summer reading programs, and more."
With so much content offered in this amazing digital platform, there's no reason you shouldn't be pulling out your library cards to use them right away with your iOS devices, Androids, and PC's.

As a bonus, did you know that comics offered through Hoopla come with an action view mode?  You may either choose to read comics as you'd see them traditionally, or you can take it a step further.  To use the Action View mode, simply check out a comic on the Hoopla platform and open it to read.  Next, tap on the story once to show the menu bar, then double-tap to enter Action View.  It just adds a whole other level of digitally experiencing comics.  Plus, anytime you wish to exit the Action View mode, just double tap again.

If you've never used Hoopla before, all it takes is a valid library card and a device to play the content through.  For information on getting started, view our Hoopla Guide online.

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