Friday, April 8, 2016

Lib-Con Highlights: Crafting & Gaming Fun for All

Last week we learned about contests being hosted during Lib-Con 2016, but there's much more we have to offer.  With something for all ages to enjoy, we invite everyone to come out and join us for some fun as we all Geek Out @ Your Library.
If there's one thing we know how to do well during Lib-Con, it's having fun.  That means hosting a variety of activities, including hosting a myriad of crafting and gaming events.  Allow us to hit the highlights of some of the featured activities planned this year, of which are new to Lib-Con.

Harry Potter Triwizard Night
Teens will be able to enjoy an evening of Harry Potter excitement as we host a 4-hour event for all fans of books and adapted films.  Just like in the Triwizard Tournament, there will be a series of activities you'll need to complete as we make three Harry Potter crafts, test your knowledge in Harry Potter trivia, and so much more. 

Gaming with the Gathering Place
No one knows tabletop gaming like the gaming gurus from The Gathering Place, and they'll be on hand to host a number of gaming sessions for all to enjoy.  With events covering new types of party games, anime-inspired gaming, Star Wars gaming, Beyond Candyland gaming, and much more, they'll be on hand most days of the week to introduce you to a whole new world of gaming. 

Zombie Ear Necklace Workshop
The world is full of fans of The Walking Dead!  From the hit comics to the critically acclaimed TV show, we can't get enough of Rick, Carl, and the whole crew.  If you've seen the TV show, you may remember the character Daryl wearing a necklace made of zombie ears.  We saw that, and found inspiration, and teens will be invited to fashion their own necklaces to show everyone that you're prepared for a zombie attack. 

Face Off: Special Effects Makeup
Face Off is an amazing show where contestants will compete in creating amazing special effects through makeup.  We're going to be hosting our own horror-themed challenge where contestants will battle it out to see who will be the victor.  Everyone's invited to come watch the competition, check out the skills of the artists, ask questions, and cheer on their favorites as they race to beat the clock. 

Nerf Wars
As one of a few after hours events, we're inviting adults to come out and battle it out in Nerf Wars at your library.  Bring your nerf gun and "ammo" and join us for a good-natured battle royale as you try to take out other contestants throughout the library.  Get your battle skills ready, because you're going to need it! 

Cosplay Chess
Most of us have seen and played the game of chess, but not the way we'll be playing it.  We invite you to come out and watch our Cosplay Chess event where human cosplayers will be the chess pieces, battling it out on a giant chess board.  It's a game you've never seen before.  If you're interested in being a cosplaying chess piece, contact Amanda Sasser at 325-676-6067. 

Retro Gaming
With the advancements of technology, changing the state of gaming, we're going old school and back to where it all began with hosting gaming featuring classic consoles and games.  Whether you're an original gamer or not, test your skills in a gaming session featuring some of the classics.

This is only a small portion of the activities we'll have going on at Lib-Con this year.  But don't take our words for it.  We invite you to visit our Lib-Con Page online and get all the information you need to know on what to expect.  All activities are 100% free to take advantage of, and you really can't beat a price like that...especially when it comes to attending a mini-convention.

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