Friday, April 22, 2016

May's Cover-to-Cover Book Club Selection

If you're looking for a great book club discussion group, try our Cover-to-Cover Book Club at your Abilene Public Library.  Meeting on the third Thursdays of the month, this group reads everything including bestsellers, fiction, biographies, nonfiction, classics, and more.

For May, the featured selection is At Home by Bill Bryson and we invite you to look out for a copy at your library and then attend the book club on Thursday, May 19 at 7:00PM.  For more information, be sure to contact Ann Mount at 325-676-6025.

At Home
Author: Bill Bryson
Summary: With his signature wit, charm, and seemingly limitless knowledge, Bill Bryson takes us on a room-by-room tour through his own house, using each room as a humping off point into the vast history of the domestic artifacts we take for granted.  As he takes us through the history of our modern comforts, Bryson demonstrates that whatever happens in the world eventually ends up in our home, in that paint, the pipes, the pillows, and every item of furniture.  Bryson has one of the liveliest, most inquisitive minds on the planet, and his sheer prose fluency makes this book one of the most entertaining books ever written about private life.

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