Thursday, May 19, 2016

Weekly Library Events (May 23-28)

Keep up with the great programs and events your Abilene Public Library has to offer by catching this weekly blog each Thursday.  For a complete listing, visit our main website to take a look at our program calendar.

Tween Time: Dessert Sushi
May 23 @ 6:00PM
South Branch Library
1401 S. Danville Dr.
PH: 325-698-7565
We had a blast making Shark Socks last month and this time we're going back to an edible craft classic.  Youth, ages 8-15, are invited out to this evening workshop where we'll supply you with tons of tasty dessert and candy items.  Then we'll show you how to put them together, in a fun way, to make them look just like different types of sushi.  If you're not into the raw fish real thing, there's no way you can't say you wouldn't want to try our candy version.  Be sure to add this program to your calendar because if you miss out, you're out of luck. 

Make & Take: Choose Your Craft
May 24 @ 4:00PM
South Branch Library
1401 S. Danville Dr.
PH: 325-698-7565 
Kids of all ages are invited to join your South Branch Library for some crafting fun this afternoon.  If there's one thing we love to do at the library with youth, it's craft, and our children's staff always come up with some interesting projects for youth to get involved in.  At this session, we'll have a variety of different crafting projects available and kids will get the chance to choose the ones they want to make.  That's right, the choice is entirely up to them.  We'll supply all the materials and instruction needed, you just come out ready to have a little fun.

Super Storytime: Where's Waldo?
May 25 @ 10:45AM
South Branch Library
1401 S. Danville Dr.
PH: 325-698-7565
Families are invited to join the South Branch Library for their enhanced morning storytime event titled "Where's Waldo," named after that hard-to-find character we all know.  Come dressed in your red and white striped clothing and come out ready to hear some great stories, sing songs, make crafts, and more that all relate to the theme for this morning.

Teen Time: Fanopoly
May 25 @ 4:00PM
South Branch Library
1401 S. Danville Dr.
PH: 325-698-7565
Teens are invited to a fun after school activity where we'll be hosting a gaming day with a twist.  We've all played Monopoly before, but not this way.  We've tweaked it to create a fun game called Fanopoly!  We've created a new board and we're invited all teens to join us for some old-fashioned, yet slightly new,m gaming fun at your library.

Stories in the Park: Down in the Jungle
May 26 @ 3:00PM
Redbud Park
S. 32nd & S. Willis
PH: 325-698-7565
Kids of all ages, and parents too, are invited to join us at Redbud Park as we take our storytimes outside of the library and outdoors at a city park.  The theme of this activity will be "Down in the Jungle" where children's staff will be sharing stories, songs, and more fun activities to be shared outdoors.  You'll find us across from the playground, just look out for the 15-ft blue flag, and we'll provide tarps for kids and parents to sit on, or you're more than welcome to bring your own blankets and chairs.  This program will be conducted, weather permitting, and in case you're unsure, feel free to contact us at 325-698-7565 to verify.

Collecting Commas Writing Club
May 26 @ 4:30PM
Main Library
202 Cedar St.
PH: 325-676-6067
If you're between the ages of 10-17, and you love to write, you'll certainly want to become a part of our weekly writing club at your library.  Join us each week as participants engage in a host of writing prompts and activities all designed to strengthen your creative writing skills in all forms of writing.  There's no need to register, just come out and join us in the next club session.

Mockingbird Movies
May 28 @ 2:30PM
Mockingbird Branch Library
1326 N. Mockingbird Ln.
PH: 325-437-7323
You're invited to join your library for a free afternoon movie with a remake of the Spencer Tracy classic.  The featured flick at this movie showing will be 1991's "Father of the Bride" starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short.  In this film, George and Nina Banks are the parents of young soon-to-be-wed Annie.  George is a nervous father unready to face the fact that his little girl is now a woman.  The preparations for the extravagant wedding provide additional comic moments.  This film is rated PG and has a run time of 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Don't miss out on these great activities being hosted at your library and get in on what we have to offer!

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