Friday, June 17, 2016

"Abilene Man with Passion for Reading Helps Organize Book Sale" | KTAB TV

News Story by Brittany Pelletz, KTAB TV, as Reported on June 16, 2016 | Access Video Footage Online

The Friends of the Library Book Sale has rolled into the Abilene Civic Center.

Several volunteers help to make it all possible each year.

According to Amanda Shelnutt, the volunteer coordinator, that's the easy part, "It's not hard at all.  We always joke about the worker bees.  They just kind of show up and are ready."

But when you can fill up the civic center with books, the work for volunteers stacks up.

"It's a lot of organizing.  A lot goes on behind the scenes throughout the year," says Matt Preston, the Chairman of the Book Sale.

Preston is in his 3rd year as chairman but he's been on the scene for a decade.  "My son asked me, yesterday.  He said, Daddy do you get paid for doing this?  I said, no absolutely not.  And he said, why not?  I said, well I do it because it makes our community better."

This is the biggest fundraiser for the Abilene Public Library.  Local reader can find books for a bargain and the money collected goes to support upgrades at the library.

Preston adds, "One example of what we've done with our money in the past is we've accumulated enough money in proceeds over time from the book sale, we are able to move the south branch out to the Mall of Abilene.

Preston loves to read and to encourage others to do the same, "My 2nd grader was reading one of his Calvin and Hobbs books that he got from the book sale in past years.  I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbs myself, so just to see kids involved, read, and have a love for reading is a good thing."

When it's all said and done, you could say the book sale is a real page turner.

The Friends of the Library book sale continues through Sunday.  It's open Friday from 10AM to 8PM, Saturday from 10AM to 6PM.  You can shop on Sunday from 1-4PM at the Bag-O-Books event.  Customers can purchase a bag for $6 and then fill it with as many books as will fit.

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