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"Library Has Resoruces to Help Plan Fourth of July Parties" | @ the Library Article

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Kids and celebrations go together, and what could be more exciting this summer than celebrating our nation's independence with a festive family get-together?  It's a perfect occasion to make memories with your children and grandchildren and instill pride in our country at the same time.  If you haven't already, now is the time to start planning your party and you need go no farther than the Kid's Page on the Abilene Public Library's website.  You'll discover inexpensive but festive kid-friendly crafts, decorations and recipes that will rival those of any red, white, and blue celebration.

Look first at the Crafts and Activities link on the Kids's Page (on the left side of the website).  There you'll find Crafty Creations hosted by Tremain, Alyssa or Jessica; short videos about crafting for kids.  Look in the Patriotic Crafts section and you'll discover a variety of fun activities just perfect for your child.  Decorate for the holiday with twirlers, fireworks pens, and stars and stripes stamp creations.

Another great source for Independence Day activities is located in the Resources for Parents and Kids section on the Kids' Page.  Go to the link and search July 4th.  Click on "view all results."  Scroll through a plethora of terrific Goofy and Donald's 4th of July coloring page and Minnie's Statue of Liberty paper craft that will make a perfect centerpiece.  There's even a Mickey and Friends 4th of July party invitation to download!

A celebration isn't complete without food and snacks, right?  The Kids' Page can take care of that also!  Another great site listed in the Resources for Parents and Kids section is Idea Box, where several kid-friendly reclines perfect for a red, white and blue celebration can be found.  Start the day off right with yummy blueberry pancakes with strawberry sauce!  Search 4th of July on the Idea Box page and you'll find this recipe and many more like Patriotic Parfait, Celebration Cookies and Sweet Stars, made of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.  Yum yum!

If you want more great party planning ideas for the Glorious Fourth, or any other occasion, try Diane Warner's Great Parties on Small Budgets: Celebrations for Grownups and Kids of All Ages, 50 Fabulous Parties for Kids by Linda Hetzer, or 101 Quick & Easy Party Ideas for Kids by Linda Sadler.  These are just a few of the many party planning books your library has - and don't forget all our wonderful cookbooks for backyard grilling, themed parties, and more!

Independence Day is all about celebrating our country's freedom and making memories with family and friends.  These are just a few ideas for your 4th of July celebration that can be found on the Kids' Page of the Abilene Public Library's website, and in our collection.  Please drop by any library location and let us help you have a 'bang up' Fourth of July celebration to remember!

Article Contributed by Darla Casella, Children's Librarian at the Mockingbird Branch of the Abilene Public Library

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