Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer Weekend Reads From Your Library

Are you looking for some great reads to enjoy this weekend?  If so, join us on Fridays and we'll supply you with a few recommendations of titles that may be of interest to you, and great for summer reading.  Plus, be sure to record the titles you read for our Adult Raffle to turn in to any library location.  We'll be giving away prizes throughout the summer, leading to a grand prize giveaway for a FREE iPad.  After all, someone has to win it...that someone could be you.

Charley Sunday's Texas Outfit
Author: Stephen Lodge
Call Number: W LODGE LTE
About the Book: If you're looking for a fiction book with local flavor, why not try a western classic this weekend.  This title just hit the shelves, written by a former TV screenwriter who is no stranger to keeping audiences engaged.  In the lawless frontier town of Brownsville, TX, a boy and his parents ride a carriage down a crowded street - when a kill crazy band of kidnappers strike suddenly.  Now, to rescue his family, veteran rancher Charley Sunday cobbles together a ragtag posse that starts with an outlaw and an Indian - and picks up recruits, weapons, and lot of trouble all the way down to Mexico. 

How to Raise An Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success
Author: Julie Lythcott-Haims
Call Number: 306.874 LYT
About the Book: A provocative manifesto that exposes the harms of helicopter parenting, author Julie Lythcott-Haims draws on research, on conversations with admissions officers, educators, and employers, and on her own insights as to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children.  While empathizing with the parental hopes and fears that lead to overhelping, Lythcott-Haims offers practical alternatives that underline the importance of allowing children to make their own mistakes and develop the resilience, resourcefulness, and inner determination necessary for success. 

A Treasure Concealed
Author: Tracie Peterson
Call Number: F PETERSON
About the Book: If you're a fan of Christian Fiction, checkout first book in a brand new series by Peterson.  Set in 1890s Montana, Emily Carver wants a home where she can put down roots instead of following her gold-hungry father from one mining camp to another.  She also longs for tenderness and love, both of which are missing in her life.  Yet when she realizes she's losing her heart to the intriguing new man in camp, her first instinct is to fight back afraid that love will only result in disappointment and heartache.  Can she learn to trust her heart, before it's too late? 

Post Contributed by Anne Ellis, Branch Manager of the Mockingbird Branch of the Abilene Public Library

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