Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Weekend Reads From Your Library

Are you looking for some great reads to enjoy this weekend?  If so, join us on Fridays and we'll supply you with a few recommendations of titles that may be of interest to you, and great for summer reading.  Plus, be sure to record the titles you read for our Adult Raffle to turn in to any library location.  We'll be giving away prizes throughout the summer, leading to a grand prize giveaway for a FREE iPad.  After all, someone has to win it...that someone could be you.

A Reason to Stay
Author: Kellie Coates Gilbert
Call Number: F GILBERT
About the Book: This title is the latest book to hit the shelves by local the local Dallas author who is known for her emotionally charged stories about women in life-changing circumstances.  In this book, as the host of her own television news show, Faith Marin works to expose the truth for her viewers.  But in her personal life, she has firm boundaries.  Her husband Geary's life is an open book, and unfortunately his busybody family doesn't know the meaning of boundaries.  Deception and crippling differences soon derail their tender relationship, leading Faith to believe her only option is to end the marriage.  But when tragedy strikes, and her life is in the balance, Faith finds that the one she has been shutting out may be the very one she cannot bear to lose.

The Miracle of Monhegan Island
Place Hold
Author: Elizabeth Kelly
Call Number: F KELLY
About the Book: Main's rugged, picturesque Monhegan Island is home to weathered lobster fishermen and curious tourists...a genial if sleepy group.  But when Spark Monahan - rakish prodigal son - returns unannounced to the dilapidated family home, his arrival launches a summer the likes of which this quiet town has never seen.  An uproarious tale of an eccentric family of fathers and sons, this book is another delightful summer blockbuster from Elizabeth Kelly, and a great read to kick off Father's Day Weekend.

Heat & Light
Place Hold
Author: Jennifer Haigh
Call Number: F HAIGH
About the Book: Available in both regular and large-type, by acclaimed New York Times Bestselling author Jennifer Haigh, she returns readers to the Pennsylvania town at the center of her iconic first novel "Baker Towers."  Forty years ago, Bakerton coal fueled the country.  Then the mines closed, and the town wore away like a bar of soap.  Now Bakerton has been granted a surprise third act: it sits squarely atop the Marcellus Shale, a massive deposit of natural gas.  To drill or not to drill?  Prison guard Rich Devlin leases his mineral rights to finance his dream of farming.  He doesn't count on the truck traffic and nonstop noise, his brother's skepticism or the paranoia of his wife, Shelby, who insists the water smells strange and is poisoning their frail daughter.  Meanwhile his neighbors, organic dairy farmers Mack and Rena, hold out against the drilling - until a passionate environmental activist disrupts everyone's lives.

Post Contributed by Anne Ellis, Branch Manager of the Mockingbird Branch of the Abilene Public Library

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