Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's Top Book & DVD Releases

Everyone loves staying on top of the latest in books & DVDs and we receive them on a regular basis at your library.  Join us as we hit the highlights of some of the more popular titles being released today.

The Perfect Match
Starring: Terrance Jenkins
Summary: A playboy who does not believe in relationships accepts a bet from his two friends that if he dates a woman for a month, he will fall in love.  Things get complicated when he convinces Eva to have a casual affair but begins to fall for her.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Starring: Ben Affleck
Summary: Batman and Superman clash over differing philosophies about what kind of heroism is needed to protect the world, while the public they're defending is becoming increasingly mindful of the damage that superheroes and masked vigilantes cause.  However, the duo are soon forced to confront an even greater threat created by nefarious billionaire Lex Luthor.

The Magicians: Season 1
Starring: Jason Ralph
Summary: After being recruited to a secretive academy, a group of students discover that the magic they read about as children is very real and more dangerous than they ever imagined.  But will getting hooked on the thrill of magic distract them from honing their powers when they need them most?

Night and Day
Author: Iris Johansen
Summary: Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan risked it all to protect Cara Delaney from the enemies who want her dead.  The journey has led them from California to a remote mountain in the Scottish highlands - and earned Eve the distinction of becoming their next target.  When, despite all precautions, Cara is taken, Eve must hunt down the very people who want to kill her in order to save the young girl.  At a time in her life when she has more at stake than ever before, she unhesitatingly puts it all on the line in a pulse-pounding mission of rescue and survival.

Author: Jane Green
Summary: When Emma left the strict confines of upper-crust British life for New York, she felt sure it would make her happy.  Away from her parents and expectations, she felt liberated, throwing herself into Manhattan life replete with a high-paying job, a gorgeous apartment, and a string of successful boyfriends.  But the cutthroat world of finance and relentless pursuit of more began to take its toll.  This wasn't the life she wanted either.  Moving again, she settles in the picturesque waterfront town of Westport, CT, a world apart from both England and Manhattan.  It is here that she begins to confront what it is she really wants from her life.

Guilty Minds
Author: Joseph Finder
Summary: The chief justice of the Supreme Court is about to be defamed, his career destroyed, by a powerful gossip website that specializes in dirt on celebs and politicians.  Their top reporter has written an expose claiming that he had liaisons with an escort, a young woman prepared to tell the world her salacious tale.  But the chief justice is not without allies and his greatest supporter is determined to stop the story in its tracks.  Nick Heller is a private spy - an intelligence operative based in Boston, hired by lawyers, politicians, and even foreign governments.  A high-powered investigator with a penchant for doing things his own way, he's called to Washington, DC, to help out in this delicate situation...and he only has 48 hours to disprove the story about the chief justice.

Author: Gail Carriger
Summary: Rue and the crew of the Spotted Custard return from India with revelations that shake the foundations of England's scientific community.  Queen Victoria is not amused, the vampires are tetchy, and something is wrong with the local werewolf pack.  To top it all off, Rue's best friend Primrose keeps getting engaged to the most unacceptable military ropes.  Rue has family problems as well.  Her vampire father is angry, her werewolf father is crazy, and her obstreperous mother is both.  Worst of all, Rue's beginning to suspect what they really are...is frightened.

Look for these great titles at your Abilene Public Library and get yourselves on the reserve lists so you're certain to keep up with some of the popular releases of the week.

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