Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today's Top Book & DVD Releases

Everyone loves staying on top of the latest in books & DVDs and we receive them on a regular basis at your library.  Join us as we hit the highlights of some of the popular titles being released today.

Deepwater Horizon
Starring: Mark Wahlberg
Summary: Director Peter Berg helmed this docudrama about the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the 2010 oil-rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted in the largest offshore oil spill in U.S. history.  The film depicts the challenges that Mike Williams and the rest of the rig's crew faced as they fought for survival.

The Accountant
Starring: Ben Affleck
Summary: Christian Wolff is a mathematical genius who works as a financial consultant for criminal organizations eager to hide their dirty money.  While being investigated by the Treasury Department, Wolff agrees to help an accounting clerk at a robotics firm look into fraud at her company, but the assignment will prove far more dangerous than he could have ever anticipated.

The Sleepwalker
Author: Chris Bohjalian
Summary: When Annalee goes missing, her children fear the worst.  Annalee is a sleepwalker whose affliction manifests in ways both bizarre and devastating.  Once, she merely destroyed the hydrangeas in front of her Vermont home.  More terrifying was the night her older daughter, Lianna, pulled her back from the precipice of the Gale River bridge.  The morning of Annalee's disappearance, a search party combs the nearby woods.  Annalee's husband, Warren, flies home from a business trip.  Lianna is questioned by a young, hazel-eyed detective.  And her little sister, Paige, takes to swimming the Gale to look for clues.  When the police discover a small swatch of fabric, a nightshirt, ripped and hanging from a tree branch, it seems certain Annalee is dead, but Gavin Rikert, the hazel-eyed detective, continues to call, continues to stop by their Victorian home.  As Lianna peels back the layers of mystery surrounding Annalee's disappearance, she finds herself drawn to Gavin, but she must ask herself: Why does the detective know so much about her mother?  Why did Annalee leave her bed only when her father was away?  And if she really died while sleepwalking, where was the body?

Ring of Fire (Pike Logan #11)
Author: Brad Taylor
Summary: Fifteen years ago, in order to win a contract in the Kingdom, a desperate defense contractor used a shell company to provide a bribe to a wealthy Saudi businessman.  Now a powerful player in the defense industry, he panics when the Panama Papers burst onto the public scene.  Providing insight into the illicit deeds of offshore financing, they could prove his undoing.  To prevent the exposure of his illegal activities, he sets in motion a plan to interdict the next leak, but he is not the only one worried about spilled secrets.  The data theft has left the Taskforce potentially vulnerable, leaving a trail that could compromise the unit.  Back in the good graces of the new president, Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are ordered to interdict the next leak as well, in order to control the damage.  Danger looms ahead.

Look for these titles at your Abilene Public Library and get yourselves on the reserve lists as you're certain to keep up with some of the popular releases of the week.

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