Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Access New Technology Guide & Annual Report Online

Technology has become a mainstay at the Abilene Public Library and its readily utilized by most library cardholders in the community.  We offer a wealth of services for everyone to take advantage of from computer & internet access to a great lineup of digital services.

Squeezing all the information on our technology may be difficult to pull off in a brochure, so we're pleased to introduce our new Technology Guide online for everyone to access.  This pdf document will serve as a great place to learn all about our technology service, which will be updated as needed to remain current.

Available 24/7, you may view the file online, print out a copy, or even save/download the file to your computer or mobile devices for accessing later.  From mobile printing to downloading eBooks, you'll learn all about the services available for free with a valid library card.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and staff will be happy to assist you.

Plus, look out in the future as we plan to add additional guides covering different areas of the library including youth services, teen services, and more.

Also available on our website is our 2016 Annual Report from the library system, providing you with an overview of library services from the past year.  A limited number of printed copies were made available at all locations, but if you missed out on snagging one, access it at any time online.

In our report, you'll learn all about the establishment of the new South Branch Library in its new mall locations, view pertinent library statistics, receive overviews of the accomplishments of each branch location, and more.  Without the active support of the community and visitors, we would be as successful as we are.  Thank you for your support as we strive to offer the best in library services for Abilene.

We encourage you to access these new forms on our website and stay up-to-date hon your library.

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