Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Go Green, Go Paperless @ Your Library

Did you know your library offers you the ability to go paperless when it comes to receiving regular notifications?  Not only does it save you time, and postage, but you'll receive your notices at a much faster rate.

All it takes to get started is a valid email address.  By speaking with library staff, or visiting your nearest branch location, staff can sign you up in less than a minute.  Once registered, your default method for receiving our notifications will be through your email address, and printed notifications to your home will stop.  Such notifications include:
  • Hold/Reserves Notifications: Receive notifications of available holds within 24-hours.  This is at a faster rate than waiting for the printed notice in the mail.
  • Pre-Overdue Notices: Receive notifications when your library materials are due, 48-hours in advance.  This friendly reminder allows you to renew these materials, or return them, to help avoid accruing late fees, which are $0.25 per day, per item.
  • Overdue/Lost/Damaged Notices: Receive reminders when your materials are overdue of if they have generated other fees.
By receiving email notifications, we do not provide your email addresses to any other companies or businesses.  Your information will only remain on your account in our library system.

If you are registered and feel you are not receiving your notifications, check with library staff.  Common reasons include:
  • Spam/Junk Mail: If your notices do not appear in your inbox, check your spam folder.  You may need to unblock the email address of the library server that sends the notifications.
  • Wrong Email: If you have changed/updated your email address, let staff know so we may update your account.
  • Staff Error: We may simply have typed in your email address incorrectly.  We can verify this by speaking with you and correcting any errors on our part.
Contact library staff with any other problems you may be experiences so we may look into the matter further.

We encourage you to take advantage of signing up for email notifications with your library, and go paperless.  Think of it as an efficient way to go green with your library.

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