Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Join us for FIGHT CLUB @ Your Library

Your South Branch Library is happy to team up with Abilene FIGHT CLUB - TEAM FLORES, to offer a great and interactive event for all ages to enjoy.  We invite you to drop in on Saturday, February 25, and attend a free workshop learning introductory skills from experienced instructors.  Participants will be able to learn, first-hand, about the benefits of Abilene FIGHT CLUB including learning about respect, building self-confidence, learning self-discipline, and most importantly, the five razor sharp focuses to make better grades in school (for younger participants).

For those who come out, various sessions will be offered to tailor the instruction provided to the age group present.  Everything will kick off with the first session, for youth ages 4-6, who will meet from 11:30AM to 12:15PM.  There's no need to register and all sessions will be 100% FREE.  After the younger group has finished, the next sessions will be for youth ages 7-12 from 12:30PM to 1:15PM.  Then a final session for teens and adults will run from 1:30PM to 2:15PM.  As an added bonus, during the adult class, participants will learn some practical defense and mugging self-defense too...and who couldn't use that?

Again, we invite everyone to come out and participate in the Abilene FIGHT CLUB session at your South Branch Library on Saturday, February 25 for all ages.  Remember, this program is free for everyone who wants to participate, and there's no need to register.

Plus, if you're interested in supplemental materials you can checkout from the library, we have a great selection to choose from.  For parents interested in learning more about the martial arts for your kids, try Parents' Guide to Martial Arts by Debra M. Fritsch and Ruth S. Hunter.  This book contains information on how to help your child succeed, how to help boost your child's self-esteem, how to choose the right school for your family, and more.

A second helpful guide for teens and adults, when it comes to staying safe, is The Illustrated Manual of Personal Safety and Survival by David Branwell.  This quick guide not only covers valuable information on what to do when it comes to first aid, being street-wise, vehicle security, and other safety issues, it also contains a great section on self-defense.  Using 3D computer images, readers will learn how to escape from being pinned to the ground, how to use your body as a weapon, targets on an attacker to strike, dealing with purse snatchers, and more.  These are great principles to know, and techniques you may learn by coming out to the free program at the South Branch Library.

There's a host of additional materials we carry at your Abilene Public Library, so come out, peruse our collection, and see what may be of interest to you!

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