Sunday, April 9, 2017

Growth Farming with D. Grant Smith

Your Abilene Public Library was happy to welcome in D. Grant Smith, life & business coach, motivational speaker, author, syndicated radio host, and podcaster, who visited the South Branch Library to lead a free workshop on "Growth Farming: Cultivating Organizational Culture and Personnel for Growth and Prosperity."  Smith asserts that one of the keys to success is valuing individuals and building strong relationships to help ensure success, both short and long term.

If you weren't able to attend his presentation, hosted on Thursday, March 23, feel free to view his presentation in its entirety online.  Plus, if you wish to get in contact with D. Grant Smith, visit his website online.  There you will find more information on Smith, learn about his books, gain growth farming tips, listen to his podcasts, and more.

If you haven't checked out Smith's book, look for The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook: How to Growth Hack Your Fan Base and Build Stronger Networks Using Indie Radio Airplay, available at all library branch locations.  In this book, Smith provides a great guide for independent musicians who want airplay and demystifies the process of getting your work heard with realistic outcomes.

Additionally, if you're a professional, or expert, in the Abilene community, and you wish to host a presentation for the public (plus have it filmed for watching in the future), feel free to contact us.

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