Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Library Display Highlights Insect's Life Cycle

Much of the programming at your Abilene Public Library deals with growth for the Summer Reading Clubs.  Youth visiting the South Branch Library (4310 Buffalo Gap Rd., Inside the Mall of Abilene) will be able to watch something special as part of a new display.  Over the course of the next few weeks, visitors will be able to track the growth and metamorphosis of Painted Lady caterpillars as they become butterflies.

During the first week of the Summer Reading Club, youth were introduced to the caterpillars at children's events.  Using interactive slideshows and stories, we learned about the lifespan and cycle of the caterpillars from an egg to a butterfly.  It may be one thing to discuss what happens, but it's something entirely different when you're able to see the transformation happen in person.

So, five caterpillars were purchased and are now living in a featured insect display in the exterior lobby of the library.  Right now, they are continuing to grow, finding nourishment in the food that came with them.  This species will then undergo a complete metamorphosis over the next few weeks, and if you continue to visit the library regularly, you'll be able to watch as they transform.  Then, after they become butterflies, we'll release them outdoors.

Make sure to bring your children by the South Branch Library to continually watch the display and see the life cycle of these caterpillars as they transform...we know we'll be tracking their progress.

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