Friday, June 2, 2017

Snag a "Top Picks" Read at Your Library

Your Abilene Public Library is offering something a little different this summer by making some of the most popular books and authors more accessible for you to snag.  They're called Top Picks and are located in the new books section across all library branch locations.

What makes these different from regular new books at the library?  I'm glad you asked.  Top Picks titles (designated by a red sticker on the spine) are in addition to the new books already circulating in the collection.  What makes them different is that they are not available to be placed on hold and they checkout for 7-days (no renewals).  This will provide patrons with more opportunities to snag some great new releases by simply visiting their local library regularly.  So yes, you'll need to visit us to be able to see what's available, pick them up, and check them out.  However, if you're on the wait list for the latest James Patterson, you might get lucky on your next visit by checking out the Top Picks collection and finding one sitting there and ready for you to grab.  It'll feel like Christmas came early...well, if you're avid readers like we are.

We'll test out this service for the summer to see how it goes.  If it's something you like, be sure to let us know.  It's just another way to try and get those popular reads into your hands faster.

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