Monday, August 7, 2017

Signup for Email Notifications

Want to receive notifications from your library at a faster rate?  Do you wonder how you can avoid late fees for your library materials?  If so, we invite you to signup to receive Email Notifications from your library.  Lessen the rate it takes for you to be alerted regarding several library notifications in one simple step.

By registering your primary email address with us, you'll receive faster notifications on:
  • Available Holds: When an outstanding hold becomes available, you'll receive your notices faster so you may pick up your hold/s at your requested location.
  • Pre-Overdue Notices: Eliminate your chance of getting a late fee by being alerted when your materials are about to be due 48-hours in advance.
  • Library Fees: Receive notifications of any new fees that have been added to your library account such as late fees, lost/damaged materials, etc.
By signing up, we also will not share your email addresses with any other organizations or businesses, nor will we send you spam.

If you have been receiving email notifications through your library already, you do not have to take any steps.  However; if your notices have been coming via postal mail, we urge you to register your email address with the library to continue to receive notifications in the future.  In September, we will begin to phase out printing and mailing notices to your home, so email notifications will be your primary means of remaining informed.

If you don't have an email address, and need help acquiring one, feel free to visit with library staff on your next visit and we can assist you.

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