Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Abilene Public Library Receives 2017 Excellence Award

Wonderful news Abilene community!  Your Abilene Public Library is proud to announce we have been one of 52 recipients of the 2017 Texas Achievement in Library Excellence Award.  Organized by the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association, this award is designed to recognize public libraries in Texas for the outstanding contributions they make in the communities they serve.
This past fall, staff worked diligently to complete the application package that evaluated libraries across 10 categories including:
  1. Providing services to underserved populations.
  2. Providing enhanced service to the public during the past year through increase in service or a change in type of services.
  3. Providing current marketing materials highlighting basic services and publicity about specific programs the library offers.
  4. Providing cultural, topical, and educational programming for adults and families.
  5. Providing literacy support for all ages.
  6. Conducting a Summer Reading Program.
  7. Investing in collaborative efforts with community organizations.
  8. Support workforce development.
  9. Supporting digital inclusion by providing public internet access, digital literacy training, and offering library services online.
  10. Establishing professional staff training for staff at all levels.
We couldn't be more grateful for Abilene's library system being recognized for our efforts.  Plus, we'd like to thank all of you for visiting our libraries and supporting our mission "to provide materials, services, and programs to help community residents obtain information which meets their personal, educational, professional, and recreational needs."

There's still more to come from your library as we constantly introduce new services, and we encourage everyone to continue to come out and make use of all that we offer.  Plus, if you know someone who doesn't use the Abilene Public Library, invite them out on your next visit and help introduce them to all they have access to.

Dear Mayor Williams:
Congratulations go to the City of Abilene.  The Abilene Public Library has been awarded the 2017 Texas Achievement in Library Excellence Award.

Libraries awarded this honor were required to meet a high level of excellence in their programming and services.  To be considered, recipients were required to demonstrate quality services across ten criteriea.

This year, only 52 Libraries out of 548 Texas public library systems were awarded this honor.  This means your Library is in the top 10% of public libraries in the entire State of Texas.

Please accept our sincere congratulations to a city which values and provides quality Library services and programs for the continued education and personal enrichment of its residents.

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