Friday, April 13, 2018

READ Returns to Your Library

Many patrons still remember the library's collection of READ posters from the past.  As an American Library Association campaign, celebrities across the world lent their faces in support of a simple message, READ.  Also promoting one of their favorite books, we all loved seeing which they would recommend.

Well, your Abilene Public Library is changing things up a bit.  Your Technology/Social Media Department is bringing the READ campaign back, but keeping it a little closer to home.  We won't be tracking down celebrities to ask for them to pose for us (although that would be awesome).  We're going to be looking for people, just like you to share your reads and be one of many faces for our local campaign.

That's right!  We've already been taking photos of many library staff, patrons, and people in the community and all it takes is for us to snap a quality photo of you with your favorite book.  Next, we'll work our photo magic to create a poster starring you and trying to incorporate elements of your selected book into the background.  We've created a few already, and you may see them hanging at your library.  More will come and we're excited to use Abilenians as part of our reading initiative.

Look out for new READ posters at your library because we'll be adding them as we create them.  Plus, you might also want to keep your eyes and ears open for when we may be on the hunt for new models to help us out and spread the message of reading.  When it comes to books, it's a little something your local library knows a lot about.  So look for one on your next library visit, see what people in our community are reading, and always, check out some great books from any of our three branch locations.

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