Thursday, September 20, 2018

Get STEAM'ed: Learn About Beer Making, Oct. 4

If I were to ask you what the three most popular drinks are, would you guess that beer was one of them.  Although not a drink consumed by all, it's one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world.  In a program of firsts, you can learn more about beer, and how it's made, by attending the next adult STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) event that will give you an inside look into the science of beer making.

Hosted on Thursday, October 4 at 6:30PM at your Main Library, we're inviting out James Bridwell, the founder and head brewer of Sockdolager Brewing Company (a local brewery located at 720 China St.) to teach us all about what he does.  As stated on their website about Bridwell, "he has a certain affinity for the beverages we sell at the brewery and works to ensure that the liquid in your glass is exactly what it's supposed to be."

Having opened their doors on March 11, 2017, they've quickly become a favorite with locals and offer four classic beer styles including the Five & Dime General Ale, the Bea-3 Oatmeal South, the Possum Trot American Wheat, and the Hopjaloppy India Pale Ale.  But just how is it that the company is able to craft these premium beers?  That's what you'll learn by attending this STEAM workshop for adults.

Those who come out should have an interest in beer because you'll be learning about the grain, hops, and other ingredients that are used and transformed into cold beer, as well as the process needed to make the magic happen.  Although you don't need to be 21-years-old to attend the event, you will need to be of legal age to sample some of the beers offered.  That's right, there will be limited samples to taste, and that's certainly not something to pass up on.  Please be aware, ID's will be checked to ensure there is not underage drinking.

If you're a fan of beer, enjoy local breweries, or want to learn more about what your Abilene options are, this is certainly an event you'll want to attend.  Be sure to mark your calendars for Thursday, October 4 at 6:30PM at your Main Library and join us for a great evening.  We appreciate James Bridwell, and the Sockdolager Brewing Company, for being October's featured guest for the STEAM series.  If you wish to learn how you can be a presenter at a future session, feel free to reach out to librarian Amy Watterman, the coordinator of the adult STEAM programs, and we'll see about adding you to the rotation.  It's a great way to show off the expertise and talents of people in our community.  Call us at 325-676-6025 for additional information.

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