Friday, November 16, 2018

Cram for Finals at South Branch's After Hours Sessions

College Students!!!  Finals are coming up quick and now's the time to get that studying going in full force to make sure you pass those classes with the grade you're after.  Libraries offer a great place to meetup and cram for finals, and your South Branch Library in the Mall of Abilene will offer something new...COLLEGE CRAM SESSIONS!

Four sessions will be offered on Friday, Nov. 30, Saturday, Dec. 1, Friday, Dec. 7, and Saturday, Dec. 8.  These sessions will be after hour programs so when the library closes at 6:00PM, we'll extend our hours for college students only to 9:00PM, providing a great space for studying.  This program will be open to students with a valid college ID, and staff will be checking, and you're encouraged to bring your laptops, devices, and all the materials you'll need for studying.  Remember, this program will only be hosted at the South Branch Library.  The remaining library branches will be closed.

During our College Cram Sessions, we'll make sure to have our WiFi available at the library (also available connections through the Mall of Abilene), and most importantly we'll supply you with coffee, drinks, and snacks to fuel your brains for that studying.

If wanting to participate, we ask that you arrive through the exterior entrance to the facility from the parking lot.  Once 6:00PM comes around, we'll lock the doors and staff will be present to provide any assistance you need throughout the cram session.  While you're in the library, feel free to take advantage of our private study rooms for small group discussion, our computers for Internet access and database use, printing (including mobile printing), our teen room, quiet reading room, and all other areas provided throughout the library.

We hope that by making one of our library branches open later in the evening during these weekend dates that it will help those students whose studying benefits from being in a library setting.  Most university libraries will be closed at this time, so if you can't get to your college library, come out to the South Branch library and cram for your finals there.

For more information about the College Cram Sessions at your South Branch Library, feel free to contact Bridgett Taylor or Alyssa Crow at 325-698-7565.

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